Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sanding and Painting and Glazing, OH MY!

So a month or so ago I declared to Kyle that I was "getting antsy and needed a project" So that sparked the new curtains which were followed by the pillow and tree canopy for John's room. Then I was perusing Craigslist furniture online (because that's what crazy me does for fun -- it's like going to a thrift store/garage sale from the comfort of my own home) when I stumbled upon this:

"Cute", I thought to myself. I don't know if you can tell but it's a little blue--in person it was a little too blue for me. But I loved the curvy lines and the detail and the CHICKEN WIRE doors and it was the perfect scale for our small dining room, only about 15" deep. I told Kyle, "I could do something FANtacular with this and it's whispering my name...listen....". It's at this point Kyle shudders as he sees the stars coming out of my eyes as I am hypnotized by yet another project. Thankfully my husband trusts my vision--I think?

So after mandating an act of Congress to get this thing transported to our house (it took about 4 days, multiple attempts, and the generous use of our friends' truck) I got to work

I get very caught up with my ideas so I failed to take note that it is July. Ever work in a garage in the summer--oh, wait! I did this to myself last year, not once but twice, did I learn? noooooo. My vision is stronger than the summer heat--I SHALL PRESS ON!

I spent a few days worth of the kid's nap times in the garage working on this thing. Man, those masks are no joke. Sweat Shop was a VERY literal term at our house this past week.

Well, to make a long story longer, the facelift included:

-Taking off the 2 middle doors because I decided there was chicken wire overdose and I wanted to see my purty things sitting in the hutch

-Sanding the blue life out of this thing

-Painting the big sucker with 2 different coats/colors of paint

-Adding a curvy wood piece to frame the top of the new open part of the hutch, thanks to my dad and his jigsaw. Thank heavens for jigsaws and dads! This made the piece brand new! thanks Daddy

-Adding an antique-y glaze to all the detail/molding parts

-Adding fabric to the back of the hutch because the wood was just too UGGG-ly to bear

And here she is now.....

Still playing with my decor options but I just couldn't wait to take pictures!

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