Saturday, July 10, 2010

Curtains for A Little Man's Room

Well, friends, I decided to make some new curtains for John's room. Yes, I had perfectly good curtains in there already but it was time for a change. The red ones were too dark and overwhelming. Especially against the dark blue wall. I was on a mission to lighten things up in there. I found this fabric at Ikea called Berit.

The pattern is khaki, dark red, navy blue, and a lighter blue--the exact colors in John's room. PERFECT!

Then I got to work--I turned the fabric so the stripe was horitzontal. I was inspired by The Nester's living room curtains. There's something pleasing and a little modern about horizontal stripes and I really like how it changes the whole feel of the fabric! (Even though it took a little extra effort to sew 2 panels together since they are only 60" wide when you turn them) Here is the final result:

ahhh, light and bright! Especially against that navy blue wall. That wall was begging for a lighter color curtain.
I made a rod pocket at the top of each panel but ended up just hanging the curtains from rings and clips. You can see in the top picture how they hang nicely in folds. I also ended up buying some cheap Ikea panels to hang behind the curtains I made for a darkening effect in the room since it gets so bright with the big window. All of us with kids know that when baby sleeps well, Mama sleeps well. That room needs to stay dark for all of our sakes!

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