Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Recap

For weeks I knew that we were going to dress Lil B up as a cowboy for Halloween. However I am known for procrastinating and/or changing my mind at the last minute. Lil B had a white dress shirt, blue jeans, boots, and a red bandana and I had been trying to find a vest for him to wear to add to his costume but finally gave up on it.

BUT, today I decide that he MUST have a cowboy vest or the outfit wouldn’t be complete. Of course, I decide that today…the day of Halloween. And since I can’t find one to buy, I’ll just make one! I was driving by Joann Fabrics and made a pit stop looking for some brown faux suede. It was on sale for 50% off. Score! I bought the fabric and when I put Lil B down for his nap I traced one of his t-shirts to make a “pattern” (and I use that term loosely).

It actually took me about 30 minutes to do everything so I’m not sure why I didn’t just do it earlier but then it wouldn’t have been such a challenge, right? I had the vest ready and waited anxiously for Lil B to wake up from his nap and crossed my fingers that it would fit. And it actually turned out nicely.

So here’s how the evening went down. We had a rough start. I think Lil B was still a bit groggy since he was still sort of sleeping when I snatched him from the crib at 4 PM so I could try out his vest. (Hey it was 4 PM....he needed to wake up already)

But after eating a few goldfishies the smiles started to come and he was getting into character.

Nothing like a little cowboy trail mix to give you some pep in your step. Cheers!

Oh, yeah. Cowboy B on the range.

I'm unstoppable with my cowboy trail mix!

Then we were off to Party #1 at Mr. B's friend's house nearby.
The cowpoke was chillin' in his cowpoke-sized adirondack chair clutching a bag of M&Ms and observing all the costumed older kids running around.

Mama and her little cowpoke

Lil B trying to keep up with the big boys....

Alas, his true calling....the candy appears he thinks no one is looking

Then we were off to Party #2. Our neighborhood throws a little BBQ for ourselves on Halloween. This year they rented a huge bounce house for the kids and we dined on burgers and hot dogs while the kids played in the street. But before the party we attempted trick or treating at a few of our neighbor's homes. Here is our very first house. As you can see Lil B would not get within 15 feet of the front door. Paralyzed with fear.

Renee tried to coax the little cowpoke with a tray full of Reeses. Honestly, that would have worked for me but he was skeptical.

He finally succumbed and when he realized he could take the candy and put it in his pumpkin pail he started to really finish off the plate so we had to stop him.

Our other neighbor, Doug, was giving out helium ballons. Awesome!

Here Lil B is checking out Baby Luke (aka lil' pun'kin). We invited our friends, Tony & Kristen, to our neighborhood party and John was fascinated by his pumpkin friend.

And off to bed we go! It's been a fun Halloween. We only trick or treated at 3 houses but it was fun that Lil B got to see all his neighborhood friends all dressed up.