Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Klassy Kids Korner

I made another Goodwill purchase recently. A child's loveseat bench for $10. I loved the sweet look of it and instantly had romantic visions of my two darling children sitting on it it together one day, holding hands like two little angels (yeah, right!). Anyways, I bought it and decided to paint and upholster it because the unfinished wood, frankly, wasn't doing it for me.

Here is the before:

And the after:

I'm really into this nailhead trim. I've used it on several projects now. It really dresses things up a bit.

I think this whole project maybe took me an hour to do. To distress the bench I used a french paint technique that I learned over at Centsational Girl that is so stinkin' easy. Now I don't mind that this bench is out it the open with the rest of my things because it looks kinda classy for a kids bench. I was going to do it up really girly for Lady B but then decided to keep it out in the open so I wanted a more neutral, sophisticated, kid's bench (if you've ever heard of such a thing?!)
Lil B was pulling weeds with his dad when I begged him to come sit in his little chair for a picture. I even bribed him with a gummy vitamin if he would just sit in the chair and smile for me. He wasn't really having any of it.

You can see he is wistfully looking to where his dad is pulling weeds. "Don't really want to be sitting here, mom....but you did promise me a gummy vitamin"
Maybe one day you'll appreciate your little bench. One day when your tiny little legs are weary from all that running you do outside and you'll want to take a load off and drink some water from your big boy cup. Yes, that day you'll have just the perfect sized, cushy upholstered bench to rest your tired little body and enjoy a refreshing beverage!
A girl can dream, right?