Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goodwill Scavenging: A Lonely Table Meets Her Destiny

Here is my latest Goodwill find.

A $20 table that had nice lines but a weird medium wood finish and more scratches than was acceptable. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a strange addiction to tables. I find them everywhere. Or should I say: they find me.

Well, I realized in January that I should've put an electric sander on my Christmas list. When I got this table I decided to take the plunge and bought myself an early Mother's Day gift.

Nice, huh? Who ever said women don't appreciate power tools for special occassions hasn't met me.
I had been looking for a fairly small piece to try out a new painting technique I learned here called dry brushing. This table was the perfect guinea pig. I am luuuving this technique. I want to do it to everything. I am cautiously eyeing things in my house that are thisclose to being hit with my new-toy-the-electric-sander. Look out, furniture!

Because this piece is so small I actually did this project in about 2-3 hours. 45 minutes to sand, the rest to dry brush 2 coats including drying time in between. And I use the term "drying time" loosely. I waited about 45 minutes after the first coat because I can't wait for paint to dry! I want to see the finished product yesterday!
And here she is after her makeover.

I think the pictures don't do it justice because it was so bright outside that you can't see the paint technique very well but I am pleased as punch with the outcome. And she looks just right sitting in the hallway, under all our family pictures. Loverly......