Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project Baby Wipes!

Ok, so I really didn't think I was going to get to this part of my project-doing so soon. Really.

Some background: I have been wanting to add a distressed glaze to our kitchen cabinets since, oh, 2.5 years ago when we moved into this house and I was 9 months pregnant with #1 (Lil B). Well that never happened and I have probably attempted to start this project about 3 separate times and chickened out. Like, go-to-the-store-and-buy-all-the-ingredients ready. Very ready but something was holding me back.....

Then yesterday as I was showering it just hit me and I decided I. had. to. glaze. right. now. or. else. (said in a robot voice, here). I declared to hubby that today was the day. I was going to do it. FOR REAL. But not to the kitchen because that was too daunting and I wasn't confident in my method yet. So I locked in on the guest bathroom with laser-beam intensity. She would be my lucky guinea pig. Thankfully my mom took John to spend the night at her house last night so as soon as I put the littlest one to bed I started my mission.

I really wish I had the foresight to have a before picture but I think most of you know what stark-white cabinets look like--especially if you've been to my house. Plus, I was so intent on doing this NOW that I didn't even think about the camera. So here's a picture of our bathroom with similar cabinets...(the pictures are so awful--where is a nikon d90 when you need it?!)

And (a mere 3 hours later) here is the after....

I seriously declared that I wanted to sleep in the bathroom last night. And I wasn't kidding. Maybe even just sleep in the hallway so I could look at the cabinets as I drifted off to sleep? But before you think I'm nuts....I didn't, ok?

But really this was sooooo stinkin' easy and I knew it would be. I also knew once I did it I would kick myself for not doing it sooner and that was pretty much how I felt.

What do baby wipes have to do with this? Ok, so after you add the glaze to the cabinets you rub it off with a clean rag to get your desired look. But the baby wipes help you clean up a little bit more and take off some of the streaks that won't come off once the glaze has dried a little too much. Baby wipes are great to have around for paint projects....look out, master bathroom're next!

Getting My Project On

Well, here we's been two weeks that I've been very focused on keeping our little family afloat. It's been a full time job taking care of my three and the creative side of my brain is atrophying. It has been dormant for too long. And to make matters worse it is revolting by populating my brain with waaaay too many projects than can be handled in a reasonable span of time.

I took the little lady with me to Lowe's today and I saw it in her for the first time......*crazy eyes*. Yes, little girl, I know. When I go to Lowe's or Michael's or HobLob I get the crazy eyes too. I think she was more impressed with the vastness of space, big and bright lights, and lots of people and things to see. But me, I got the crazy eyes thinking of all the random parts and pieces that could be brought to life in a DIY project.

What do chicken wire, a painter's drop cloth, and baby wipes have in common? Nothing together but each one is an important part of a different project rolling around the recesses of my little brain. You'll have to stay tuned for more on that.

Stand back! I am (crafty) woman, hear me roar!