Monday, July 12, 2010

John's Room Makeover - A Tree Canopy

So the other day I mentioned (and showed off) the new curtains I made for John's room....what a difference some fabric makes! I like that with a few yards of fabric you can change the look of a room.
I also made a little burlap pillow for John's bench with an embroidered border on the letter.

My first try at that. It's fun....need to think of something else to do that on....
I also did something else to John's room. Call me crazy, I'll show you the inspiration picture first......

......because when I described this to a friend recently and said "so I hung tree branches from John's ceiling...." I don't think the mental picture was there (DEE!)....hee hee
I saw this picture one day while browsing the 'Net and mom was sitting next to me. It's 100 degrees here in Houston but I decided that I needed to do this NOW so I grabbed a saw and marched out to a conveniently dead tree in our backyard and started hacking branches off. Seriously, within 10 minutes of seeing this picture I was in action. Here is the final product in JT's room

Yes, I hid the bed rail and made John's bed for you....hope you appreciate it.
Wish I had a tree with more awesome and curly branches like the inspiration picture but this will do just fine. When you lay in his bed it looks like you're napping under a tree. So fun! At first, I was nervous that I had this fantastic idea and John would decide the branches (or worse) the shadows they cast with the nightlight were "scary". So I knew I had to sell this plan to him in a BIG way. I really talked up the project and his role in helping me. He advised on branch placement, handed me tools, and suggested star placement. He was just as excited as me and there was no mention of the branches being scary. Phew!

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