Thursday, June 25, 2009

If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Outta the Garage

OK. So literally today my skin melted off my body, landed in a puddle on the asphalt, sizzled, shriveled up, turned black and only ashes were left. It was THAT hot. I kid you not. I ran two errands where I parked only 10 yards from the entrance of each store and in the short trip in and out the above melting scenario happened at least 4 times. I can't take the heat. I just can't. When we're outside even Lil B says "Too hot, mommy! Too hot!"

During this heat spell we are usually sequestered in the house for most of the day which is really not my ideal way to pass the day. We did join a neighborhood pool which has been a lifesaver. We usually hang out there in the evenings and cool off.

Ok, enough complaining about the weather. I've been out of blogging commission again while transforming a consignment store find. Where do I find the time to do this stuff, you may ask....during naptime and in the evenings. Doing something crafty is sort of relaxing to me. I like having a productive project to focus on otherwise I can and will waste my time. And don't tell me to read a book because, as my husband says, "do you even know how to read?" Hate reading. Sad but true. Those summer reading projects from school turned me off forever....but I digress.....

So, thanks to the heat, I have spent my free time sweating off gallons of water weight in the garage sanding, staring at, painting, re-painting, staring at, sanding again, and more staring at this chest of drawers. I have also become fierce enemies with the creepy, crawly moths, roaches, and june bugs that invade my craft space in the evenings. I can't work in these conditions, people! It is downright freaky what is in my garage at night! Anyone ever notice how june bugs are the most spastic insect creature ever? They have no real flying ability and get stuck upside down constantly. hate. them.
It has become the bain of my existence, this chest of drawers.....I thought it would be as easy as my $5 Goodwill table but, alas, it has proved to be a bit more stubborn. Anyways, it's almost done and I'll post pictures soon of what's been stealing my affections from the blog.

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