Sunday, June 14, 2009

From Boring to Bow-Bling!

And she strikes again. Keep me away from the Goodwill store!

So I dragged my mom to the Goodwill store near her house the other day in hopes of finding another treasure and I found this little straw purse. I thought it would be the perfect little summer tote for when I run errands without the kids and the monster-bag they require.

This was another $5 purchase. I'm noting a trend here:
Goodwill + $5 = Fabulous
I made a bow from some pretty paisley fabric that I bought a few weeks ago that I just liked so I bought it. I have a "favorite fabrics" stash. I am addicted to pretty fabrics and I just buy a yard or half a yard when I see something I like...for such a time as this!

As we were perusing the Goodwill aisles my mom came across a blazer she had given away (indeed we were at the Goodwill near her house where she donates her old stuff). "Look! Lori, here's my jacket!" We were actually looking at a blazer that used to be in her closet on the racks of the Goodwill store. I started laughing hysterically. I almost peed my pants, in fact. Anyone else find that funny because I was laughing so hard I was crying.

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David & Lisa Domine said...

Whoa! You're being all sorts of crafty! That's really cute. Love the table! Does it look good in the living room?

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