Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inspiration and Dreams....

Taking a breather...took the kids to this place in San Antonio, Texas and we had a great time. I would recommend it for sure if you are in the area. Lots of activities to keep the kiddos interested.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a few blogs I read recently that inspired me.

Being in a stage of possible transition and itching for a little more space, this post at A Soft Place to Land spoke to me. Aren't we all wanting more? But if we get it will we be satisfied or will we just want a little more after that? I remember moving into the house we live in now 4 years ago, when I was pregnant with our firstborn. I had no idea what we would do with THREE bedrooms and a laundry room! (We had just moved from a 900 SF, 1 bedroom apartment in Philadelphia). Now, with 2 kids and all the stuff that goes with them, I feel a little cramped....but am I really? We probably live better than 90% of the world. Am I grateful for where the Lord has put me now? Am I really thankful? A work in progress...I can relate to Kimba's post.

Another story I loved is from Erin at Rare and Beautiful Treasures. I have been stalking reading Erin's blog for a while and have followed her family's journey from selling their "dream home" in order to really live the life of their dreams. And interwined with it all, the story of their beautiful baby boy. I love this story because this family was living just like everyone else does but then dramatically changed their path and are starting to live purposefully with a vision. I'm just so inspired to really sit down and think about what we really want as a family for the next 10 years instead of just letting the next 10 years happen to us, ya know?

Well, I love dreaming and looking at beautfiul things as much as the next person...since I was too lazy to post any pictures, here's my Pinterest account. Feel free to follow me! I'd love to look at your dreamy pins and pictures too!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if you've had any contact you about your new paint color Oatbran? When i purchased a sample of Valspar Oatbran from Lowes it looks yellow/tan. No touch of grey at all. Any helpful hints?

Lori said...

Hey Jaclyn! I'm a big believer that paint always looks so different based on the light in your home. That's why I collected 12 different samples before I painted! And I would encourage you to do the same :)
In my living room, this color looks like a beige with a hint of gray or "muddiness" to it (greige, they call it) so it does lean more towards warm yellow/brown overtones as opposed to a true cool gray. I feel like Oatbran is right on the line of being a beige/tan but it works for me. I felt it looked a lot less beige-y when it was up on the wall and it changes throughout the day in my house. Good luck on your quest for the perfect can be overwhelming!!

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