Monday, October 5, 2009

Word Has Gotten Out....

...that I can sew a bit....

My neighbor offered to pay me to make a new cover for her daughter's MDO nap mat. Her daughter
 is one of Lil B's neighborhood friends.
I'm always intimidated to make things for other people because if I mess up something for myself that's one thing....if I mess up someone else's stuff....ugh, I'd feel so awful. However sometimes you just gotta have a little faith in your abilities (however primitive they may be) and DO it! My neighbor friend brought over the existing nap mat, some cute fabrics, a nice little pillow insert, and it looked simple enough so I accepted the challenge. After all, as we kept saying "It's just a big rectangle"....famous last words....

Since I'm no genius when it comes to using patterns, most of my sewing projects involve a ridiculous amount of time staring at the material and thinking hard to formulate my "order of operation". I usually have to redo my work anyways because I am a novice but sewing is relaxing to me. Plus I like figuring out new projects and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish them.

I just finished the nap mat this evening and it actually looks pretty cute! I am impressed with myself and relieved it's over! 
The snazzy velcro side closures...
Bad picture here (wish I had the Nikon....) but it is a cozy chocolate brown minky dot fabric on the sleeping side and a cute brown/pink/green/white floral on the outside.
Unfortunately, I also suffered from acute panic attacks that once the nap mat was washed it would fall apart instantly so even though I had washed the fabrics before making the mat I had to wash it again once it was assembled to prove to myself it wouldn't disintegrate completely. I don't know why that freaks me out but it does.....especially since I'm making it for someone else! I kept opening the washer expecting to see the whole thing in pieces in there. I am up right now waiting to see the thing make it through the dryer.

I think I totally over-built the thing too. I tripled stitched the handles and double stitched all the velcro closures....ugh! Is that OCD?
Update: It survived the dryer. Phew!

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..that you are craft momma! unbelievable!!!! how do you find the time???

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