Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Workin' On Somethin'

I picked something up on Sunday that I bought off Craigslist. Been working in the garage this week to fix it to my liking and I hope to have the little girl room reveal soon. Can't wait to get it all together.

Also, am up to my eyeballs in paint samples! Paint is so frustrating!!! Can I get an amen?
We are taking the plunge and painting the foyer/living/kitchen/breakfast room which are all one big room so if you're going to paint one, you gotta paint it all. This is a big decision, people!! It's making me sweat. I hope to show some good pictures of the new, lighter and brighter space.

Right now, we are living with Valspar's Lyndhurst Timber which is OK but the lighting in our home has always brought out it's red undertones and recently it's starting to make me wonky.

The first runner up now is Bleeker Beige by ol' Benny Moore

Honestly, these two look practically the same here but, trust me, it's a difference here with the sample painted on half my wall.

Thanks to Favorite Paint Colors Blog at least I can browse real pictures to get some ideas and inspiration. Wish me luck!

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julie said...

Ooo.. can't wait to see the rest of that cabinet! I'm so afraid of working with Craigslist- I'm glad it turned up a gem for you! And I agree about the paint thing 100%.. always a frustrating operation. Thanks for another good read!

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