Saturday, February 6, 2010

Canton and Other News

Oh, it's been quiet on the blog here but don't let that fool hasn't been so quiet in real life.

Last weekend I went on a girls trip with my pals, Emily and Kim. This was my first ever girls only trip since having kids and, boy, was I hot to trot! Kyle kept John while my mom kept Anna. On Friday the girls and I headed out for First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. Pretty much Trade Days is a once-a-month gathering of vendors selling wares for home, kids, garden, furniture (anything you could imagine). Think Nutcracker Market but BIGGER! We were in heaven.

Unfortunately for us we underestimated the weather report. 40 degrees and sunny seemed manageable with a heavy sweater and boots. But as we were getting ready on Saturday morning the news reported that the temps with wind chill were more like 17--oh, and it was cloudy drizzly. We even saw a few light snow flakes. Yeah, the sweaters weren't cutting it so we hightailed it Wal-Mart to buy jackets and gloves and as we arrived on the Trade Day grounds we noticed almost every single woman wearing those wool knitted headbands with a knitted flower on them. You guessed it, we all bought one too. It was the uniform that weekend. Sooooo bitterly cold! But worth the precious company and conversation that moms don't usually get to have when wrangling toddlers...

So blame it on the weather or the lack of sleep from rearranging items in my house, I got terribly sick last Wednesday with a fever of 103.7. Not good. I had flashbacks of Kyle's spell from pneumonia that had him down for 3 weeks and was a bit worried. Thankfully I bounced back in a few days.

In other news, the kids are great. Anna is crawling and cruising. I'm just waiting for her to start taking some steps although, in reality, I really can wait for that. She's got a spunky little personality but thankfully, after two straight months of ear infections, we haven't had any more issues. The ear infections were turning her spunky into just plain funky. The little lady was quite a screamer for that time period.

OK, gotta run...I promised John I'd play some puzzles with him and he is presently trying to body-slam Anna!

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